Find Other Help: Employment & Financial

Divisionary Work Program (DWP)
DWP is a four-month program that helps low-income Minnesota families find jobs. The goal of DWP is to help parents immediately go to work rather than receive MFIP cash assistance. Parents are expected to sign an employment plan before their family is approved for DWP. After families have an employment plan, they can receive financial assistance to meet their basic needs and get other supports, such as food support and child care and health care assistance. To apply for DWP or MFIP you must contact your county human services agency.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
LSS offers budget, debt, credit and housing counseling, financial education and bankruptcy services.

Minnesota CareerForce Location

CareerForce locations across Minnesota provide free tools, resources, and services you need for your employment, training, and related workforce development needs. Click here to locate a CareerForce location near you to help in your job search. 

Minnesota State CAREERwise

CAREERwise is an online gateway to job, career, education and business information in Minnesota. Through Minnesota's Job Bank, job seekers can post a resume to be viewed by employers, search for job openings, contact employers by e-mail, apply online, and be notified about new job postings that meet their job search criteria.

Unemployment Insurance

This is the state of Minnesota's Unemployment Insurance web site. Apply for Unemployment Benefits online, view an estimate of your potential benefit amount, and more.

Minnesota Adult Basice Education (ABE)

Minnesota Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a state-wide system that serves approximately 65,000 adults annually. ABE students are working toward a high school credential, learning English, improving basic skills such as literacy and mather, and/or preparing for post-secondary education or employment. ABE is funded with both federal and state funds, and services are delivered through a network of 42 consortia comprising all Minnesota school districts as well as other parnters including the correctional system and community-based organizations. Click here to find an ABE program near you.